Drink Dinghy in Action!

View the video to see the amazing Drink Dinghy riding the waves while keeping a drink upright!


Top Places to use your Drink Dinghy


River.  Floating down the river is a perfect time to use a Drink Dinghy to keep your hands free for navigating.

​​Pool.  The Drink Dinghy allows you to keep your drink nearby to eliminate numerous trips out of the pool to have a sip of your beverage.

Lake. Whether swimming at the beach, floating at a party cove or lounging in ​the water by the dock, your drink will be right beside you!

​​Drink Dinghy

Your new BFF on the water!

​​Tired of constantly holding your drink up in the air while swimming or floating?  Try the new Drink Dinghy!  It's convenient and fun!  Set your drink in the cup holder, attach the tether to your wrist or lifejacket and relax!

Recent Name Change

Formerly known as the "Aquacoozie"

The Aquacoozie has been renamed to "Drink Dinghy".  If you came to this page while looking for the "Aquacoozie" you are in the right place!  The product is the same, only the name has changed.

Drink Dinghy